State lead titles

Cliffhanger will host Sport's Climbing Victoria's lead climbing titles for 2020. The dates for the comp are Feb 29 (adult) and March 1 (youth).

Entry for the competition is through Sport Climbing Victoria. You will need to be a member of Sport Climbing Victoria $20 (or alternatively Sport Climbing Australia) first to be able to register.  

Spectating costs $5 and is encouraged for finals, after 5pm on Saturday for the adult categories, and after 4pm on Sunday for the youth category finals.

Below you will find links to the forerunner videos for all routes:



OAM Q1 - Sky Wall, right start

Part 1 - OBF MF OI PM Q1

Part 2 - PFA Q2 OBF MF OI PM Q1

Youth League - Interclub series

Cliffhanger is pleased to announce the launch of a brand new initiative in conjunction with Gravity Worx, the Youth League. A range of Victorian gyms have joined the fun, including The Rock, Geelong, and Bayside Rock. Currently, the league is running a set of interclub social comps, where youth squads from around Victoria pit themselves against each other to gain flash climbing experience, and of course, have fun. 

Round 5: TBA.
**BONUS - Pump Fest for parents running at same time**
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**Results from rounds 1, 2, 3 and 4 are at the bottom of this page**

Scores needs to be logged electronically on the same day as the competition. Scores will be compiled the next day and published Monday evening.  


The league has been created to give junior aged climbers more experience with competition, and grow familiarity with the climbing community in a relaxed environment, ahead of high pressure competitions, such as the state titles. It's also a great opportunity for an inter-club meetup. The series will run to a newly created structure, different to traditional climbing competitions currently run by state and national bodies. State and national bodies increasingly have to follow Olympic standard rules for competitions, which provides a great and elite experience for our athletes, however the administrative burden has led to a decline in general competitions hosted by gyms, and left lead and top-ropes climbers with few avenues for competition other than state and national titles.

The Youth League has been created by gyms themselves - initially a joint project between Cliffhanger, Gravity Worx and The Rock in Geelong, with other gyms also keen to take part as the league takes shape.

Squads will travel to other gyms and treat the existing climbs as 'new' climbs. While there may be new routes put up, there is no formal route-setting requirement. Competitors who have previously climbed the routes, such as those from the home team, will be required to identify as 'home squad', so other competitors can take that into account when comparing final scores. The competition will take place approximately once a month on a Sunday morning. Competitors are encouraged to arrive at opening time and compete for the first two hours of operation of the gym to create a social environment for the competition, however competitors can log their scores for the entire day.


Age category based on competitor's age at 31.12.20

Junior - 17 & 18 year olds

Youth A - 15 & 16 year olds

Youth B - 13 & 14 year olds

Youth C - 11 & 12 year olds

Youth D -- 10 & under


The host gym will nominate a set of climbs graded 8 to 23 which competitors can climb. Once a competitor has fallen in the climb or rested on the rope, they must return to the ground. They can queue for the climb again and make other attempts, but all attempts must be ground up. 


Competitors will log their climbs, with their top-5 graded climbs counting toward their score. Scores for each climb are based on the grade of the climb. If a competitor climbs a grade 15 without falling or resting on the rope, and the climb is clean, they will earn 15 points. If they 'flash' the climb - climb it clean on their first attempt - they will earn a bonus 5 points. Leading earns a bonus 2 points, however be sure to see the lead requirements below. All routes will be top-ropable. Home gym climbers can claim a flash on the day even if they have climbed the route before, however, their home ground advantage will be included with their score. 


Standard gym entry fees apply. 

Lead requirements:

The general rule of thumb if competitors wish to lead climb, they will need to follow the standard lead climb approval requirements for that host gym in advance of the event and carry a lead ticket. The same applies for lead belayers. 

Some gyms may allow leeway during the official time of the competition. Check the event details before each event. 


Glory and recognition are the main prizes. The league is designed to build kudos for competitors. Winners will be promoted on the league Facebook page, other social media and websites, and be able to start to build their profile as a competitor. Where appropriate (dependent on age and other factors) these posts will link with the competitor's existing social media profiles. Host gyms may offer spot prizes in the first two hours of competition day, but this is not a requirement.   

Please note, rules for the league may change between competitions in the first season as the model is refined. Please provide feedback on what you feel works well and what could be refined. 

The league will need volunteers. If you are happy to volunteer, please provide your details on the Facebook page (under construction at 21.10.19)

Youth League rounds

Sunday, October 27 - Gravity Worx - 10.45am for 11am start.

Sunday, November 17 - Cliffhanger 9.45am for 10am start.

Sunday, December 15 - The Rock Geelong, 10:45am for 11am start.


Sunday, January 19 - Bayside Rock, 9.45 for a 10am start.

There are other gyms keen to host, we'll bring you more news as they come on board shortly. 

Round One Results: (Gravity Worx)

Round Two Results: (Cliffhanger)

Round Three Results: (The Rock, Geelong)

Round 4 Results: (Bayside Rock)