What form do I need?

This page contains all the documentation you will need. For a casual visit, go straight to the casual visitor button - this will open a separate page with our digital waiver form.

All forms are copyright Cliffhanger Climbing Gym. Waiver forms are subject to change without notice, in line with changes to State and Federal Legislation as they occur.


A copy of our Privacy Policy which outlines how we will treat the information provided on waiver Forms and other documents submitted to Cliffhanger Cimbing Gym. Also available at our Reception Desk.

A copy of the rules as referred to in the Waiver Forms.

A copy of the rules that are applicable to anyone wanting to Lead Climb at Cliffhanger. Not applicable for general entry.

A copy of the rules that are applicable to our Bouldering Areas. They are also on display at the entry of the Bouldering Cave.


A copy of our current Public Liability Insurance "Certificate of Currency".